Welcome to the Aussie Gardener Community

A Greenthumbs Happy Place

About Us

Founded by Brian and Kaylene, the Aussie Gardener Community is your refuge for all things gardening. A place to get inspired, make friends, take up a challenge and learn something new or to pass your knowledge onto a new generation of gardeners.

Why Join?

  • For a start, It's totally Free. 
  • Inside you will find an experience that takes the best parts of Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Youtube but without all the drama. This is our own clean platform and it's just about gardening.
  • It won't take long and you will be joining in healthy discussions, learning new garden techniques, taking a class and finding out about upcoming Garden Events happening near you. 
  • Join, because you love gardening and what better place to hang out than with other like minded souls. 

Why did we need our OWN community?

  • We had outgrown Facebook and Insta and wanted a place that would be welcoming for gardeners at all stages.
  • Having your own profile in the Aussie Gardener Community means you can keep it just about your gardening hobby. Nobody needs to see what you had for dinner last night or an embarassing old school photo that resurfaces. We leave that on the other platforms.
  • We wanted a place that would be nicely organised and not an overwhelming chore to read. Instead we have posts all categorised into different topics and you can choose which topics are of interest to you. 
  • We had had enough of Facebook telling us what we wanted to see. Instead we put the choice back in your hands. You can choose to see the latests posts, follow certain people or get a bit of everything.  

Who can join?

  • This community is for Aussies all over this beautiful country. 
  • Garden newbies are just as welcome as the most experienced gardeners. We like to call them the Garden Elders and it is definitely a status to aspire to. 
  • Happy People or at least those willing to try to be happy! 
  • Young and Old. This is a family friendly community and we find the old will have pearls of gardening wisdom to share with the young. 

Do you have a shop?

Yes, Brian and Kaylene own the Aussie Gardener Store which sells are big range of garden gear at great prices. With over 100,000 customers from all over Australia, they started the Aussie Gardener Community which has grown rapidly and provides a space to connect and explore all things gardening. Great friendships are being formed both in this online world but also locally as gardeners find new friends in their local community.
All are welcome in the Aussie Gardener Community even if you have never shopped at the Aussie Gardener Store.